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Liver Juicing

Why Your Liver LOVES Fresh Juice

Liver juicing is simply spectacular. Try a colon liver cleanse one of these days.

Why? Let’s take a look at what the liver does.

The liver is the largest internal organ and carries A LOT of responsibility. It oversees around 500 bodily functions. It’s the main unit that processes almost everything we ingest (eat), breathe or absorb through the skin. It’s involved in digestion and metabolism, as well as regulating the production, storage and release of sugar, fats and cholesterol.

The liver produces various important proteins, including hormones, enzymes, blood proteins, clotting factors and immune factors.

Last but most certainly not least is the liver’s role in detoxification. It filters out the junk such as infectious organisms, alcohol, heavy metals, drugs and other poisons from the blood and disposes of byproducts from normal metabolism.

As you can see, the liver is pretty important. Based on the summary of its function above, if your liver isn’t functioning correctly, you will notice it. However, because most of us are used to the feeling of a sluggish liver, we’ve stopped noticing that we’re run down and assume that this is how we’re meant to feel.

Because the liver is responsible for such a wide variety of things, if it’s damaged, a whole bunch of stuff is going to break down.

Before this gets any more depressing, let me remind you that a healthy liver is achievable. It is achievable with the benefits of juicing.

When you have a healthy liver (and I mean really healthy), you feel like a million bucks. The liver is doing its job spectacularly and all is good in the world.

If “A” is a damaged or sub-par liver and “B” is an awesome liver, how do you get from A to B?

Well, liver juicing will help but there are a range of things. Let’s dive into it.


Liver Juicing and Making Your Liver Awesome

Liver juicing works well because fresh juice is absorbed quickly. As you read above, the liver cleanses the blood and removes toxins from it. This means that every drop of your blood is constantly being pumped through your liver. Since fresh fruit and vegetable juice goes quickly into the blood stream, it goes quickly into the liver.

Vegetable juicing for liver problems works perfectly.

By juicing fresh fruits and vegetable regularly, you will enhance your liver function. The best bit is that you will feel amazing. A clean, top-notch liver makes for a wonderful feeling of vibrant health within.

While all vegetable juice is good for your liver, I like to focus on beetroot juice as the main component. Beetroots are famous for their ability to cool and purify the blood, which can be contributed to their high content of iron. Spinach is another vegetable with lots of iron.

If you need ideas for beet juice recipes, check out:

See the Benefits of Beet Juice for more information. For more idea, see Food That Cleanse The Liver.


Bonus: Tips to enhance your liver function.

  • Get rid of stimulants. Eliminate tea and coffee. Or you can just cut down. It depends on how dramatic you want your results to be.
  • Drink lots of water. Aim for at least 2.5 to 3 liters per day.
  • Load up with antioxidants. Almost exclusively found in fresh fruits and vegetables, antioxidants fight free radicals and are an essential part of maintaining health.
  • Avoid alcohol. The more you drink, the more the liver has to process. Oh, and the liver will process alcohol before food, so if you eat while consuming alcohol the food will get stored as fat.
  • Don’t take drugs. By drugs, I mean anything which couldn’t be called “whole food”. Supplements, antibiotics, medication, and various other drugs all place stress on the liver. When possible, get your nutrients from whole foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise regularly. You don’t have to be a Spartan. Just get out there. Go running or swimming or learn martial arts. You’ll have a blast – I know I do.

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