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Juice Fasting

A Juicy Way to Feel Awesome

What is it?

Juice fasting is simply a type of detox diet. This page will tell you what it is, who should and shouldn’t juice fast and how long a fast takes.

Essentially, juice fasting is a type of detox diet. As you might have guessed from the name, it involves fasting. Typically, fasting involves abstaining from all food and drink for a specified amount of time. Fasting with juice is a diet where a person abstains from all food and drink except fresh fruit and vegetable juice (and water too!).


Juice Fasting is AWESOME
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The main reason behind this is the same as the reason as abstaining from everything. Proponents believe that while fasting, the digestive system gets to rest. This means that the energy that would have been spent on digestion is now available to the rest of the body for other processes. These processes include the expelling of toxins from within the body (hence the “detox”) and also the natural process of healing.

As you know, the benefits of juicing are immense. One of the awesome things about fresh juice is that it takes very little energy to digest. In a sense, the juicer does the digesting work for you.

By combining fasting with fresh juice, the body has a fantastic source of nutrients with abundant energy to utilize them.

Many people report incredible experiences during and after fasting with juice, such as radical weight loss or amazing spiritual experiences. If you have time, you should definitely try one!

Why try juice fasting?

People combine juicing and fasting for a variety of reasons including:

  • to lose weight
  • to break unhealthy habits or negative addictions (smoking, junk food, caffeine, etc)
  • for spiritual or religious reasons
  • as an alternative to conventional medical treatment (to heal cancer, arthritis, etc)

How long is a typical fast with juice?

To be honest, there isn’t really a “typical” fast length. They can be as short or as long as desired, however, anything longer than three days requires adequate medical supervision (I have to say this).

Some fast for one day. Some for three or five days. You can even fast for 92 days!

Who should not try a juice fasting diet?

These people should not try it:

  • People with existing medical conditions, such as diabetes, low blood sugar, eating disorders, kidney disease, liver disease, malnutrition, anemia, infection, etc. If in doubt, check with your doctor.
  • People shouldn’t try one before or after a surgical operation.
  • People who are taking prescription drugs. Some types of juice (such as grapefruit) can have negative interactions with prescription drugs. As such, if you are taking any prescription drugs, you must consult your doctor before undertaking a fast (especially if it’s with juice) or anything similar.
  • Pregnant women or children should not try it.

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