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Health Benefits of Juicing

Look and Feel Amazing

You’ll love the health benefits of juicing. That is, if you want to supercharge your health, boost your immune system and lose a bunch of fat.

Put your hand up if that sounds like you.

With me?


Juicing is awesome. It tastes fantastic. With all sorts of flavors and interesting combinations, your tastebuds will be leaping for delight each morning when you make your first juice of the day. But it’s not just taste that we juice for. It’s also for the awesome health benefits of juicing.

You see, juicing will change your life. Raw juicing can change your body shape. You’ll melt fat and be sexier than Jessica Alba in no time at all.

If you work hard.

There is no easy way.

Sure, juicing is easy, but changing habits is hard. If you have any bad dietary habits, you’ll need to change them if you want to make the most of the amazing juicing benefits. If you eat junk food, you’ll want to stop. If you don’t exercise, you’ll want to start.

But let’s forget about all that.

You’re here to learn about the benefits of juicing, yes?

Let’s get deeper into it.

The health benefits of juicing are simply astounding. You can drink a glass packed with the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals of a pile of fresh produce.

Rather than cooking them up separately, you combine them all together into a juicer.

Five minutes later you’ve got a glass of life-giving liquid sunshine.

Most people don’t eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables. So for them, vegetable juicing is ideal. It gives you the opportunity to drastically increase your intake of fresh food. It’s an easy way to eat like a superstar. It will take your feelings of health and wellbeing to new highs.

I remember waking up one morning feeling sick, depressed and lazy.

You know those mornings?

I’m sure you do. To put it nicely, I felt like crap. I’d had more than 10 hours sleep, but I woke up with a headache. All I felt like doing was going back to bed.

I almost did, until I remembered a friend who was always raving about the health benefits of juicing. He particularly loved to explain the benefits of beet juice to me.

There was a juicer in the kitchen. I barely used it, but I was desperate that day. I felt like crap and I wasn’t getting any better.

I stumbled into the kitchen and picked out some fruit and vegetables. If my memory serves, I grabbed a few apples, some celery and a lot of spinach. It all went into the juicer, coming out liquefied and dark green.

I looked at it with disgust. Did my friend really expect me to drink that?


Oh well. You only live once!

I grabbed the glass and drank it down as fast as possible. It didn’t taste that bad, but I wasn’t going to admit that to my friend.

At first, nothing happened. I felt the same. I still had a headache and I still felt like crap. I decided that a short walk would refresh me. I left the house and began walking to a park near my house. It was a beautiful day, in complete contrast to how I was feeling inside.

I walked for a while. I may have visited the store for a few things. Then I began the journey home.

Sometime on the journey back to my house, I realized that I no longer felt like crap. In fact, my headache was gone and I had some energy. As I kept observing it, the feeling became stronger and stronger. I started to feel incredible. I felt the energy in my arms and legs. My head was as clear as it has ever been. I smiled to myself.

Then I remembered drinking the juice earlier.


It hit me.

Juicing works.

I felt amazing. I felt like superman.

Like I could take on the world.

All that from a glass of green juice.

I was hooked.

The health benefits of juicing blew me away and so began my juicing addiction.

Health Benefits Of Juicing:

  1. Digestion. Very little digestive energy is needed to process fresh fruit and vegetable juice – it’s practically already digested. All that’s left for you is to drink it!
  2. Energy. With very little energy needed for digestion, guess what happens to your energy. It EXPLODES. Are you sick of being tired all the time? Are you frustrated by the fact that you always need to sleep? Try juicing. It will make you more energetic than a 3 year old toddler on Red Bull.
  3. Nutrients. Everyone has always told you to eat your veggies, right? And your fruits? Of course. Why? Because of the stupendous amounts of vitamins and minerals that they contain. How long does it take you to eat a carrot? Not long, but probably a few minutes at least. Now imagine making carrot juice. You could consume 5 carrots worth of vitamins and minerals in 30 seconds flat. Juicing is FAST. And effective.
  4. Chlorophyll. While this only really applies to green juice, you can call it one of the health benefits of juicing all the same. Green juice is absolutely packed with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is a nutrient found in plants and is a powerful detoxifier. It strengthens the body, cleanses the liver, purifies and rebuilds blood cells, removes mold, kill parasites and eliminates myco and exotoxins from the body.
  5. Juicing BenefitsCancer. One of the most famous health benefits of juicing is it’s powerful ability to prevent and cure cancer. Of course, it’s no miracle solution. If you’ve got cancer, don’t skip your appointments with the doctor just because you’re drinking green juice. That would be silly. However, use fresh juice as another technique. Think of it as increasing the chances of you beating cancer, or lowering your overall risk of contracting it. This is due to the immense amounts of antioxidants found in raw fruits and vegetables. You won’t find these nutrients in many things except plants. Think wisely about this. If you want to avoid cancer, start consuming more fruits and vegetables.
  6. Liver Cleansing. Sick of hangovers? Do you drink too much alcohol? Worried about your liver? Never fear, fresh juice is here. With juicing, you can do a natural liver cleanse. Most people don’t understand how important the liver is. It is responsible for cleaning the blood and eliminating toxins from the body. With this in mind, imagine what happens if the liver stops working. Your energy disappears and you get sick more often. Toxins build up in your body and your blood stream and you destroy yourself. So imagine what will happen when you supply your body with fresh juice. You’ll dramatically improve your liver and all sorts of things will improve as a result.
  7. Hair. Worried about going bald? Is your hair falling out? Is your hair weak and brittle? With juicing, the nutrients will improve the quality of your hair. It will become stronger and healthier. You might even end up with hair like the models in hair shampoo ads!
  8. Bones. Want strong bones? Drink fresh juice. Numerous studies have found the one of the health benefits of juicing is that your bones get stronger. This depends upon what you’re juicing, but still, it’s an awesome benefit.
  9. Stop Ageing. Forget about expensive creams and junk from the chemist. Use nature’s solution to stop ageing. Eliminate wrinkles by drinking fresh juice. You can even apply juice to your skin and get awesome benefits. For this benefit of juicing, use lemon on your skin on a regular basis.
  10. Feel Great. I hate waking up and feeling like crap. I hate being in a bad mood. But you know what? Since I began juicing, I feel a hell of a lot better. Our moods tend to depend more on what we eat and drink than we are aware of. When you juice on a regular basis, you’ll find yourself feeling awesome all the time. Almost. This will transform your life.
  11. Depression. Like I said, you’ll feel great. Often (but not always) the cause of depression is diet. Eat a better diet and you cure depression.
  12. Weight Loss. Ahhh. This is one of the most popular health benefits of juicing. Everyone wants to lose weight. Everyone wants to be sexy. With juicing, you can. However, it’s only part of the solution. If you really want to be healthy, you’re going to have to make a bunch of other changes. When was the last time you got all sweaty after exercising?
  13. Heart Health. Too many people are dying from heart attacks. Once again, the problem is often diet. If you eat crap food, you’ll feel like crap. So will your heart. Then it will have a heart attack. If you want to avoid this, change your diet. The health benefits of juicing can help you to do this.
  14. The hundreds of health benefits of juicing that would make this page as long as a book… you get the idea 😀

Health Benefits Of Juicing Vegetables - Tasty JuiceAlong with the health benefits of juicing, almost all healthy lifestyle and diet books place berries on top of the list of recommended fruits because of their concentrations of health-enhancing vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. For more info, go to health benefits and nutritional value of berries.

As you might have guessed, this list could go on forever. But why keep talking? Let’s start acting!

If you are serious about living a healthy, natural life, I’m sure you can see how great the health benefits of juicing are. It’s one of the best ways to start the day, and also to keep it going.

Regular juicing for health promotes vibrant health and well-being – even the Government believes that fruit and vegetables are the way to go.

A juice wakes me up more than a coffee will, and I’m left feeling great knowing how many nutrients are flowing through my bloodstream.

Often after I have a juice, I can immediately feel it spreading throughout my body, nourishing every cell and organ inside me. I enjoy juicing too much to ever stop and I feel great for it.

However, while the health benefits of juicing make the practice great for your health, juicing is not enough to live on. Ensure you have a healthy balanced diet, with plenty of raw, fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of fiber. Use a juicing diet to supplement a healthy diet, and you will experience new found wellness. 

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