10 Parsley Health Benefits - Parsley Juice Health Benefits

Parsley Health Benefits – Parsley Juice Health Benefits

The parsley health benefits are awesome.

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The word “parsley” is derived from the Greek word meaning “rock celery”. It’s native to the Mediterranean Region and has been widely grown as a herb, spice and vegetable for over 2,000 years.

You can use it in fresh juice. I do. Just like I get the health benefits of grapefruit in my juice.

The parsley juice health benefits are pretty cool. They’re the same as the parsley health benefits. Makes sense.

It is super nutritious. You’ll find out more below. Parsley is proud to carry so many nutrients. I would be too if I were parsley. You can find parsley all year round at your local supermarket. You definitely want to start consuming it regularly.

10 Parsley Health Benefits

  1. Kill Cancer. Well, almost. One of the popular parsley health benefits is that it has the power to kill cancer, in a manner of speaking. Parsley contains powerful antioxidants that can paralyze free radicals. Free radicals are cancer-causing agents that inhabit your body after consuming toxins. One of the organic compounds found in parsley has been found to kick the crap out of cancer. Not only does it inhibit tumor formation, but it attacks oxidized molecules with violence. The short story is that it prevents cancer.
  2. Boost Your Immunity. Another of the parsley juice health benefits is that it boosts your immune system. Like other herbs, parsley is home to potent vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It rocks out hard and fights a good fight. Include parsley in your diet for a boosted immune system. Parsley is loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin C. These make it a powerful immune-enhancer.
  3. Fight Inflammation. Parsley acts as powerful anti-inflammatory in the body. When you get the parsley juice health benefits on a regular basis, a number of cool things will happen. You will lower your risk of inflammatory disorders, such as joint and bone disorders as well as rheumatoid arthritis.
  4. Super Heart Health. If you want a heart like Superman, drink parsley juice regularly. The amazing parsley juice health benefits are the reason why so many people use it when juicing for heart health. One of the amino acids in the body can threaten heart health if it becomes too high. The nutrients in parsley help to balance this amino acid out by converting it into harmless molecules. Pretty cool, huh!
  5. Iron Bones. Not that anyone wants iron bones, of course. Unless you’re me. I want strong bones. In fact, you probably do too. That’s cool. Luckily, the parsley health benefits include a MASSIVE amount of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is necessary for the synthesis of one of the proteins that promotes bone health. Vitamin K doesn’t stop there. It also prevents calcium build-up which prevents all sorts of nasty problems.
  6. Heal Bruises. One of the health benefits of parsley is that it’s a great natural remedy for bruises. Do you get bruises often? Are you into adventure sports? Keep some parsley on you. When a bruise appears, crush up a handful of parsley and immediately apply it to the affected area.
  7. Avoid Diabetes. Be cool and be healthy. The Vitamin A in parsley is the key to another of the great parsley health benefits. It helps to lower the risk of diabetes, which is extremely important.
  8. Detoxify. Toxins are a fact of our environment, unless you live in a Buddhist Monastery in Tibet. If it’s not junk food, then it’s environmental pollution and second-hand smoke. It’s impossible to live in a toxin-free environment. Instead of trying to escape toxins, we are better off if we enable our body’s natural defence systems. Parsley is great for this. With the variety of powerful nutrients, it helps to detoxify the blood. Combine it with the health benefits of beetroot juice and it does it even better.
  9. Better S E X. That’s right. Let’s talk about sex baby. If your sex life needs spicing up, try eating healthier. I’m not joking. If you eat a lousy diet, you’ll find it hard to get the most out of sex. It will be tough to enjoy it. You’ll be slow and lacking vigor. Eat healthy and you’ll return to your natural state. You’ll want to have sex more often. Guys, parsley health benefits our sexual system. Girls, same goes for you!
  10. Digestion. Bad digestion means all sorts of horrible things. You’ll gain weight. You’ll lack energy. You’ll have bad skin. I could go on and on about the crappiness of bad digestion. But rather than do that, just get a load of the amazing parsley health benefits. Parsley aids digestion with its awesome nutrients. It has often been used in tradition remedies for digestive problems. Consume it regularly and see what happens.

Parsley Side Effects

Anyone with kidney or gallbladder problems that are untreated should avoid parsley, despite the awesome parsley health benefits. Parsley may increase the risk of internal bleeding.

Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. To enjoy the parsley juice health benefits, you’ll need to consume it regularly. Use it with your fresh juice and use it with your food. But eat a balanced diet. Too much parsley (and too much of anything else) can cause health problems.

Parsley oil is making the rounds in various circles. It is toxic in nature, so don’t use it on its own. High doses of parsley oil are very toxic and can cause all sorts of internal problems, including bleeding, bloody stools and nosebleeds.

If you experience any adverse affects after taking parsley, talk to your doctor immediately.

Parsley goes great with the benefits of carrot juice.

Parsley Juice Recipes

Get yours parsley juice recipes here.

Parsley Juice Health Benefits

Like I said, the parsley juice health benefits are bangin’. Check out the parsley juice recipes above for ideas. All the parsley health benefits on this page can be applies to parsley juice. Have fun!

One last thing. To get the most from your diet, don’t look to one specific fruit or vegetable. Consume a varied diet, high in fruits and vegetables. Juicing is a great way to do just that.

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