Juicing for High Blood Pressure | Reducing High Blood Pressure

Juicing for High Blood Pressure

Reducing High Blood Pressure with Style…

You can start juicing for high blood pressure anytime. It works well, and will effectively lower your blood pressure. Just like juicing for cancer, eating healthy is powerful.

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a common disorder which affects as many as 60 million Americans. Generally speaking, a reading of 140/90 mm Hg or greater is known as high blood pressure.

High blood pressure means that your heart is pumping blood through your arteries at a higher pressure than normal. It is known to contribute to various diseases including heart attack, kidney failure and stroke.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure results when arterial deposits form in the arteries (atherosclerosis) and also with the hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis).

As the space in the arteries gets narrower, the heart is left with the tricky job of passing the same amount of blood through them. It achieves this by pumping harder and raising the blood pressure. The heart is very important, which is why juicing for heart health is super cool.

Major causes of high blood pressure include:

  • Hereditary factors.
  • Obesity.
  • Stress (including indirect effects such as affecting eating patterns, drinking and smoking habits, physical exercise, etc).
  • High alcohol consumption.
  • Lack of physical exercise.
  • A high intake of salt.
  • A high intake of saturated fat.
  • A low intake of fruit and vegetables.
  • Smoking.

Reducing High Blood Pressure

Ok, enough about the causes…

You’re probably wondering how you can start reducing high blood pressure right now.

It’s the little things that count. Take a look at this list of things which have been shown to lower your blood pressure.

  • In overweight people with high blood pressure, losing only 10 pounds can help lower blood pressure. Try juicing for weight loss.
  • Moderate and regular aerobic exercise is known to reduce blood pressure and improve heart function.
  • Take it easy. Set aside some time each day to relax, whether that means meditating, reading a book, or taking a slow walk. Eliminate stress and you eliminate a potent cause of high blood pressure.
  • Get moving! Try to exercise regularly, and your blood pressure naturally goes down over time.
  • Eat a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables, as they have an amazing ability to lower high blood pressure. They provide essential nutrients, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber that all work together to keep you healthy. This is why juicing for high blood pressure is perfect.
  • Avoid alcohol as much as possible, and even consider eliminating it entirely.
  • Don’t smoke either, as it makes your arteries more rigid, making it harder for blood to get pumped around.
  • Avoid caffeine as well, as it is known to contribute to long-term high blood pressure.
  • Learn how the Greek Mediterranean diet can help you lower your high blood pressure naturally at My Greek Recipes.

If you’re looking for more information on high blood pressure, go to High Blood Pressure Info.

Juicing for High Blood Pressure

  • Carrot juice helps to maintain normal blood pressure by regulating heart and kidney function. Studies have even shown carrot juice to reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Carrots are loaded with potassium, which helps to prevent and control high blood pressure. Studies have found that populations that have potassium-rich diets have a lower incidence of high blood pressure.
  • Lemon is a great fruit to use in your juices, as it’s a rich source of Vitamin P (a vitamin known to lower blood pressure).
  • Celery juice contains active compounds called phthalides which relax the muscles in and around the walls of the arteries. This creates more space inside the arteries, allowing for blood to flow at a lower pressure.
  • Although sodium chloride (salt) is known to increase blood pressure, the natural sodium in celery does not increase but actually lowers blood pressure.
  • Studies have also shown that drinking just 500mls of beetroot juice a day can significantly lower blood pressure.

Juicing for High Blood Pressure Recommended Recipes

Although juicing has been shown to reduce high blood pressure, I recommend that you consult your doctor or relevant health professional before commencing any diet.

Juicing for high blood pressure is much like juicing for anything else. Increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is a proven way to prevent and heal many diseases.

You can use the recipes offered here, or simply enjoy juicing and come up with your own. Either way, you’re guaranteed to get loads of nutrients.

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