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If you’re reading this website, I’m guessing you already know about juicing for health, and the good it can do for the body. Even if you know nothing about juicing yet, just the idea of filling your body with plenty of fruits and vegetables probably sounds great. Juicing for high blood pressure will change your life.

Or perhaps you’re skeptical of juicing, and think it’s a waste of time.

Either way, let’s have a closer look at why juicing for health is so important.

Juicing and Chlorophyll

Why are fruits and vegetables so good? The answer lies in their chlorophyll content. This why juicing for cancer and juicing for acne is so effective.

Plants have been fighting disease much longer than humans and as a consequence, they have developed some remarkably effective chemicals to fend off disease. The best part is that by eating fruits and vegetables, we humans can enjoy the benefits of these disease-fighting chemicals.

Chlorophyll makes plants green, and is what makes greens so nutritionally satisfying.

Chlorophyll is a cleansing and purifying agent. It is known to stimulate the bowels and will minimize various types of body odor due to its detoxifying action.

It is also one of many natural substances that has been found to be effective against high blood pressure. It’s a powerful blood strengthener, due to its similar composition to hemoglobin and it can be utilized almost immediately.

Vegetables (green ones especially) are packed with chlorophyll. And in addition to chlorophyll, fruits and vegetables also contain many health enhancing ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, micro-nutrients and fiber. Vegetable juicing is perfect for juicing for diabetics.


Juicing and Health

One of the best things about juicing is that it takes all these fantastic ingredients, and puts them in a glass in one of the most easy to digest forms. You get to drink a glass packed with nutrients, and it only takes you a few minutes a day!

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My Favorite Three Tips for Healthy Juicing

  1. Eat your fruit and juice your vegetables. Considered a pioneer of fresh juicing, Dr Norman Walkerwas a strong believer that we should eat fruit and juice vegetables.Fruit juice has the unfortunate tendency to send blood sugar levels skyrocketing, send the body’s natural balance out of whack. If you are juicing for health and not necessarily for taste, avoid fruits. I know they taste great, but they’ll only get in your way of being totally healthy. At the most, use them as a sweetener for some of the less palatable juices. This is in line with juicing for heart health.
  2. Drink your juice immediately.It’s so much more convenient to make a bunch of juices and then leave them in the fridge for another time. It means you don’t have to go through the process of setting up, juicing and then cleaning up every time you get thirsty.However, I’d strongly advise you to drink your juices immediately after making them. Not only will they taste better, but they will be better for you too. Fresh juice is one of the most perishable foods, so drink up – now!
  3. Use super foods to enhance your juices. There are many different super foods you can use in your juices. They’re a great way to make your juices even more nutritious and better for your health.


At the end of the day, juicing for health is…

…definitely a habit worth developing. The main reason most people get into juicing is for health reasons, so why not make juicing as healthy as it can be!

Good luck and happy juicing for health!

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