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Hydraulic Press Juicers

The Best Homemade Juice Money Can Buy

Hydraulic Press Juicers

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Hydraulic press juicers make some of the best juice you’ll ever come across. While other types of juicers do an excellent job of juicing, these juicers are the “cream of the crop”.

You may not have heard about them before. Hydraulic press juicers are not well-known and definitely not conventional. You generally won’t find them in most stores and a lot of people who juice are unaware of them. However, despite their relative anonymity, these juicers are awesome.

When you use a centrifugal juicer, the pulp is quite damp. With a gear juicer (single or twin), the pulp is a lot drier but still contains a little moisture. When you use a hydraulic juicer press, you’ll find that the pulp is bone dry with pretty much all the moisture pressed out. If you use one of these juicers, you’ll find that you get so much juice out of your produce, especially when compared with other types of juicers.


How do hydraulic press juicers work?

As you might have guessed, they press the produce extremely tightly, thus squeezing out all the juice inside. They apply a massive amount of pressure (you wouldn’t want to get your hand caught inside) which literally forces the fruits and vegetables to give up their precious, nutrient-rich juice.

Most models have a section that gets the fruits and vegetables ready for pressing. It grinds and cuts the produce, making it easier for more juice to be pressed out. After the grinding and cutting, the pulp is dropped into two linen bags where it is pressed tightly by two stainless steel plates. The juice is squeezed out through the bag while the pulp is left inside for disposal.

If that wasn’t enough, hydraulic press juicers are excellent at preserving the nutrient content. Because there are very few moving parts, there is no heat which “cooks” the juice and causes oxidation. Also, very little air gets into the juice which allows it to be stores in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. They are great for maximizing the benefits of juicing.


  • They make juice of the highest quality. Very little oxidation occurs during the juicing process, which means that you’re left with juice of the highest quality.
  • They squeeze the maximum amount of juice out of the produce. When it comes to juice-yield, these juicers sit on top of the field. A more efficient juicing method has not yet been invented.
  • Considering that massive benefits, clean up is relatively simple. They are typically dishwasher safe. The most time-consuming part will be washing the linen bags out and hanging them up to dry.
  • You can keep juice made by these juicers for a lot longer than juice made by any other type of juicer.
  • Since fresh juice isn’t chewed, digestive enzymes aren’t released and pulp can be hard to digest. Not so with a hydraulic juicer press. They leave you with nearly 100% juice (very little pulp), making it extremely easy for your body to digest and assimilate the nutrients.


  • The benefits mentioned above come at a high price –  for a Norwalk hydraulic press juicer! If you’d like a cheaper option, try the Samson Welles Juicer Press.

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