Fruit Juice Fast - Why Fruit juice Fasting is a BAD Idea

A Fruit Juice Fast Sucks

Why a Fruit Juice Diet is BAD

If you’re considering a fruit juice fast, DON’T.


Because they’re bad. This article explains why. For a healthier alternative, try a 3 day juice fast plan and focus on vegetable juicing.

When people first hear about juicing, they are thrilled. All of a sudden, they have the opportunity to transform their lives with juice. It sounds simple.

However, many people make the mistake of assuming that fruit juice is just as good as vegetable juice.

They begin their juicing career by getting the benefits of lemon juice and other fruits while ignoring vegetables.

There’s a simple reason to explain why – SUGAR.

If you’re a human being, you’ve probably felt the pull towards sugar. Craving chocolate, donuts, biscuits and even bread are often all cravings for sugar and sweetness.

But Is Sugar Addictive?

The jury is still out whether sugar is addictive. However, that’s not to say that the sugar from fruit juice fasting is good.

You see, when you consume fruit juice day in, day out for a few days at a time, you overload the body with sugar. This overloading isn’t a good thing. It wreaks havoc on the body’s blood sugar levels. If you attempt a fruit juice fast, you’ll experience dramatic highs and disastrous lows.

While it’s worth juicing fruits, it’s much better to focus on vegetable juicing. Ordinarily, you might only juice once or twice a day. However, when you do a fruit juice fast, you’ll be juicing whenever you get the urge, which may be a lot. For this reason, it is all the more important for you to focus on vegetables rather than fruits.

Forget The Fruit Juice Fast… Do A Vegetable Juice Fast

You won’t regret it.

However, don’t think you can only use fruits. Learning how to juice fast is about learning how to be effective. You can use fruits, but don’t go overboard.

Use fruits to sweeten your juicer recipes up.

For example, let me explain what I do.

I open the fridge and take stock of what vegetables I have inside. Suppose I pull out some spinach, celery, cucumber, carrot and beetroot. To sweeten up the mix, I add one grapefruit and one lemon. You see, I’m not using fruit to dominate the juice. I’m simply using fruit to sweeten it up.

When you first start juicing, there is a temptation to go overboard on the fruits. When you take your first sip of vegetable juice, your face may screw up like a baby’s. But don’t worry. Add some lemon juice or a few apples and you’ll be right as rain.

Why Doing A Fruit Juice Fast Doesn’t Work

To understand why doing a fruit juice fast won’t work effectively, it will help to understand how the juice fasting diet works.

When you abstain from consuming food, you digestive system goes into a form of hibernation. Since digestion is a very energy intensive function, when it temporarily shuts down, you have a lot more energy than usual. This is why many people report feeling incredible during a period of juice fasting. Many people have found that they have spiritual experiences while at the peak of a juice fast.

During a juice fast, energy that is usually spent on digestion is diverted and used for healing the body. By continually adding nutrients to your body with fresh juice, your body is able to heal at a much higher rate than if you were fasting with nothing.

While fruit juice fasting does work in a sense, it is vastly inferior to vegetable juice fasting. Since you’ve got an empty stomach during a fast, the sugar from fresh fruit juice will aggravate your stomach. You may end up with a stomach ache, and like I mentioned above, you’ll also mess with your body’s blood sugar. If you only juice fruits, your energy will be all over the place. You’ll find it hard to enjoy your juice fast and hard to get the most out of it.

If you check out the fasting juice recipes, you’ll notice that the juicer recipes focus on vegetables, using fruit only to sweeten them up. To maximize the results of your fast, consider excluding fruit juice entirely.

Juice Fasting Resources

So, if fruit juice diet fasting is out, what can you do?

Like I mentioned above, start off with a 3 day vegetable juice fast.

If you want something more challenging, try a 21 day juice fast. During the 21 days, you’ll fast for 8 days and spend 11 days coming off the fast, eating a variety of raw foods.

Another reason why juice fasting with fruit is bad is that it will inhibit any weight loss. Fruit is full of natural sugar. Despite the fact that it is natural sugar, it impedes weight loss. If you’ve been juice fasting for a while and you’re no longer losing weight, get rid of the fruit. Eliminating fruit is what makes juice fasting for weight loss effective.

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