Juicing for Weight Loss: Does it Help You Slim Down?

What Affect Does Juicing Have on Weight Loss?

juicing for weight loss2016 was the year of trendy teas and diets that promised miracle weight loss results. With the new year coming, getting healthy is not likely to leave our minds anytime soon.

Getting through all of the different information to come to the right method for you is a difficult task. Nowadays, there is a seemingly endless supply of new diets to try out.

As the head of Healthy-Juicing.com, I totally understand the struggle. I’m also a believer that the best weight loss plans stick to as natural of an approach as possible in order to be able to maintain the results in the long term.

How much more natural does it get than using fresh juice to help you slim down?

It allows you to consume plenty of fruits and veggies. You’ll be able to get incredible nutrients without spending the day chowing down. These tasty drinks offer juicers a sweet satisfaction and all of the healing powers and benefits of healthy eating.

Healthy-Juicing is the result of my life changing journey to become healthy after years of struggling with my image. I was overweight and unhappy, often resorting to using food as a coping mechanism to hide from my problems.

When I took the step to turn my life around, it didn’t involve chemicals, flash diets, or pills. My solution was simple: use fresh juice and make sure the pounds stayed off.

My life is now dedicated to helping others see the same results and experience life as a happy and healthy individual through juicing for weight loss. To learn more, I recommend checking out the rest of my blogs !

Juicing for weight loss

Today I wanted to talk about juicing for weight loss and if it really does help slim you down.

Despite my personal success with it, I want to give you real information that can help you.

It’s a great way to get your health in check as well as your weight. Though the two are linked, anyone can reap the rewards of the increased fiber, nutrients, and detox properties.

All of the following information can help you come to the conclusion that juicing for weight loss really can change your life. All you need to do is keep reading and make the choice to invest in your health!

Increased fiber intake

Those who are just beginning their journey with juicing have often been dealing with a health issue that requires a drastic change to their diet and lifestyle.

Studies have found that over 74% of Americans are living with digestive issues, often leading to discomfort or illness. Some of these problems stem from a simple issue: not having enough fiber in your diet.

Juicing can also help with this common issue. Many fruits and vegetables offer quality, natural fiber. This can sooth your digestive problems without the harsh and sudden effects of over-the-counter medications like laxatives.

Eat more without eating more

One of the greatest benefits to juicing for weight loss and improving your health is that you do not have to spend all day planning your meals and constantly snacking to achieve your goals.

Instead, simply drink yourself to your goals!

Juicing allows you to “fit” more fruits and vegetables in one drink then you’re likely able to eat in an entire meal.

Have you ever thought that eating two bananas, a pear, an apple, an orange, and a bowl full of healthy greens is a delicious meal you’re likely to put together? More importantly, would you actually be able to finish it ? It’s unlikely. However, when you juice you are able to fit all of those things into one delicious drink that is something you can finish with ease.

However, when you juice you are able to fit all of those things into one delicious drink that is something you can finish with ease.

More antioxidants

Nowadays, fast food reigns supreme and 44% of Americans report eating fast food at least once a week. Getting the proper amount of fruits and vegetables is a problem in and of itself. Simply not enough of these fast-food places offer healthy options that are more enticing than a burger.

Simply not enough of these fast-food places offer healthy options that are more enticing than a burger.

When it comes to juicing, you are getting the right amount of fruits and veggies – finally! – but you are also getting tons of antioxidants into your body.

Antioxidants are found in natural foods, abundantly in fruits and veggies, and are believed to prevent cell damage and known to decrease the amount of damaging free radicals in your body.

Get more water

A 2013 study found that around 75% of Americans may be suffering from chronic dehydration as a result of not consuming the recommended 12 cups of water a day.

Here’s the thing: in addition to the added fiber and antioxidants that juicing provides you, adding water into your juices can also give you a smoother consistency. It also goes towards that daily water goal you should be reaching to achieve a healthy body.

Less cravings

If you’re like many people, you have a sweet tooth that just demands to be satisfied throughout the day. Eating sweets is an easy way to let your weight get the best of you. You’ll also be opening yourself to diseases like diabetes, but juices are able to satisfy this need.

By standing in as a sweet treat, juicing can help you cut down on unhealthy sweet cravings. The extra perk? You’ll transition to developing a taste for the natural sweetness of fruits.

The calories you can also save by switching from a slice of cake to a banana and peach smoothie are also attributed to weight loss.


Juicing for weight loss is a reality that is possible for many people. Keep in mind that this is a lifestyle change that will result in changes in your body, mind, and health.

Knowing that you are taking the right steps to turn your health into a priority is a cause worth celebrating with a great juice. Check out my site, Health-Juicing.com, to get great recipes and tips to make juicing for weight loss work for you!


Jack is on The Healthy Juicing Team and loves working on his healthy lifestyle. In his free time he likes to surf.


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